Comment by AMD Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley
Editor-in-Chief, Robin Bradley

“Black” may be the new “Chrome”, but it still don’t get you home

Oh dear! Where to begin? If Harley-Davidson seriously think that the continuing direction signalled by their MY2016 offer is going to keep their dealers, employees and investors happy in the long-term, then they are seriously deluded.

The company is, of course, paying the price now for not ensuring that Keith Wandell’s “tough love” survival course was undertaken as much in metal as it was in numbers.

They are paying the price for teaching the world that following the decades of superbike revolution “other motorcycle brands and platforms are available”.

With competitive pressure now closing in on them from every direction, a share price that stubbornly won’t get over Rushmore any more than dealer showroom traffic will, and crowd-sourcing having replaced engineering innovation, does Harley have the talent it needs to get back to designing motorcycles rather than marketing strategies before the vultures swoop?

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