D&D Builds Da’ BOSS Slip-Ons For 09 Touring Models

Client: D&D Performance Enterprises
Service: Bikernet Evaluation
Action: Introducing a new product at Bikernet 2 weeks before it is available. Driving telephone calls to the manufacturer.

Biker Pros’ Press Release Copy

Out from the Skunk Works at D&D Performance Enterprises comes a new set of slip-ons called the BOSS. These pipes address the issues where the 2009 pipes are not parallel to the frame and appear crooked.

D&D has increased the length of the pipe and added a high-flow air kit to improve the performance of the motorbike by as much as 9HP without needing to modify the EFI module. Just install and go. All you need is a wrench and a socket and in 30 minutes you will feel more power and increase your fuel economy.

The BOSS will be released shortly so call D&D at 817-834-8961 to reserve your Touring Performance Kit Today.

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