Hammer Performance Sponsors Smoke Out 16

Hammer Performance Sponsors Smoke Out 16
Hammer Performance Sponsors Smoke Out 16

The Smoke Out rally announced today that Hammer Performance, purveyor of performance headwork and go-fast parts for Harley-Davidson and Buell, is the newest Smoke Out sponsor. Hammer Performance joins Biker’s Choice and Spectro Oils in their support of the owner / builder culture.

Dan Norlin and Aaron Wilson are partners in the Hammer Performance endeavor. Norlin won the AHDRA National Championship in September, and Wilson’s prepped bikes currently hold a total of 16 records at the flats, at speeds up to 213 miles per hour. These guys know how to make bikes go fast, and they have transferred that knowledge to street bikes in a very usable way.

“If you are considering any drivetrain, exhaust, air cleaner or performance modification, you need to spend time on their website,” said Greg “Edge” Scheuer, Smoke Out Promoter.

Hammer Performance has taken all of their success on the strip, flats and street, and placed that treasure trove of information on their website (www.hammerperf.com). Parts from different manufacturers are tested side-by-side in an objective, scientific manner, and it is a great help with any performance project.

“Just be careful you don’t fall down the rabbit hole like I did,” Edge commented. Edge is currently elbow deep in a Sporty project that might just break 100 horsepower before the fat lady sings.

About the Smoke Out
The Smoke Out is the world’s largest rally with a focus on owner-built bikes. The rally has a very significant representation of young builders and features world-class, backyard-built choppers and bobbers. Each June a pilgrimage is made to Rockingham, NC, for two days of fine chops, great music, wet-t-shirts, builder workshops, drag racing, roller derby and just catching up with old friends. Hand-built creations of all makes and models are represented, including American, British and Metric bikes.

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