CLIENT NEWS: Harley’s Nightster Gets a Set of Aeromach Ears

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Biketobertfest Run on the Harley Nightster
Biketobertfest Run on the Harley Nightster

The Harley-Davidson Nightster has a lot to like. It’s a departure from the Sportster mold and aligned with the Horse Smokeout-style of backyard fabricators and balls-out lifestyle.

It resonates with many riders and has become a perfect canvas for modifications.

As a 6’ rider I like the performance but the ergos are a little cramped on longer rides. One thing that bugs me is that I have a hard time seeing through my shoulders as 75% of my mirrors are blocked by my body. And this became a problem during a ride down to Biketoberfest.

First, I couldn’t see if there were any cops behind me. And if I could, the mirrors shake enough that it’s hard to make out anything I do see. To get a good look, I shift my butt to one side and lean the bike over… I have to make these moves a few times to get a good look… I’m sure I look like a drunken sailor on two wheels.

The second issue came up after I strapped a Bikernet Bedroll Bag to the handlebars. Don’t get me wrong, the bag’s great, it holds a lot of crap. But I had to lift the bag up to see my speedo. That’s okey, but it made slowing down and looking for speed traps labor intensive.

I was able to itch my scratch during Biketoberfest at the Aeromach USA booth located in the vendor area of Miller’s Custom Parts in South Daytona. Aeromach was showcasing designs of their latest mirrors, risers and grips.

At South Daytona Beach during BiketoberfestFound Aeromach Billet Mirrors & Stems At Biketoberfest

Paul Aiken, Aeromach’s President, showed me a selection of designs and I found a prototype mirror with long solid billet stems. The mirror is anodized black and has a cool tribal / Maltese cross look to it. The stems were in the discount bin and I picked them up for a song… sweet!

After I returned home, I unloaded all the swag from Bandit’s Bedroll Bag. Wrapped securely were two billet mirrors and stems.

I unbolted the old mirrors and found the new stems were a little large for the hand controls. Not a problem, my garage comes equipped with a Dremel tool.

Aeromach Article - New Ears for Nightster
Setup the Tools for the Project

So I assembled my tools, which included:

    • A Dremel
    • WD-40
    • (2) Torque bits
    • (1) Ratchet
    • (1) Wrench
    • Sharpie
    • Carbide cutting tip
    • Digital Caliper
    • Vise
    • Safety goggles
    • Starbucks Grande Latté with 2%, no foam

At about that time George Emmons Najar from Horsepower Marketing showed up and commandeered the Dremel.

As we were measuring the recess area of the hand controls with the digital caliper, the battery went dead. So we went analog.

We flipped the caliper over and used the depth gauge to determine the amount of aluminum that we needed to remove.

IAeromach Mirrors for Harley NightsterUsed the Depth Gauge on Digital Caliper

Aeromach Mirrors for Harley Nightster Measure Twice, Grind Once!

After we used a Sharpie to create the cut lines, George went to work on the mirror stem. After thirty minutes and a few back and forth with the Dremel, we had the right fit with both stems.

Aeromach Mirrors for Harley Nightster Dremel Was Used To Remove Small Amounts of Aluminum

The stems are chrome and the mirrors are black. They match the look with the chrome head pipes and black D&D exhaust slip-ons.

Aeromach Mirrors for Harley Nightster Black Anodized Mirrors, Chrome Stems

Once the clearance issues were addressed the mirrors were installed and the only thing that was viewable was the road by the rear tire. In order to get the correct angle the hand controls were moved forward approximately a quarter inch. Wall-la! I can see behind me. Another benefit for moving the controls forward is that the hands fall more comfortably on the levers.

The Aeromach mirrors and stems are manufactured in the US using aircraft quality solid billet extruded T6 aluminum. Each part is manufactured using CNC machines that deliver consistent design and quality.

IAeromach Mirrors for Harley Nightster The Nightster is Sporting New Aeromach Ears

The density of the aluminum is much higher than the cast stock mirrors from Harley. This density increases the clarity of the mirror by as much as 40% over stock. So instead of having your mirrors shake or vibrate, they look rock solid.

Now, I can see who and what is behind me.

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