Channeling the Inner Bert
Channeling the Inner Bert

Secure and Undisclosed Location

I am working on a deal to promote Brass Balls Bobbers’ quality and workmanship by extending Baker Drivetrain transmission warranty to 1 year or 3 million miles.

You see, during a discussion, Bert said that he would up Brass Balls Bobbers’ warranty of 1 year or 300,000 to 1 year or 3 million miles. So I emailed him at prickbastard @bakerdrivetrain.com (Got to love that email address!) to determine if he would really stand by that guarantee for a year. Then the unthinkable happened, the email kicked back.

I then got a hold of his Marketing Man, James Simonelli, and he said,

    Bert is in lock-down at a secure and undisclosed location garnering inspiration for the next new product for the V-Twin industry.

So next week I will track down the #2 in the organization and see if I can complete my mission for Brass Balls Bobbers. I have Lisa Baker’s cell number and I will be dialing it first thing Monday morning.

Stay tuned…

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