Increasing the “Number of People Saw Post” on Facebook

Impact “Number of People Saw Post”
At Biker Pros we develop campaigns that increase sales and builds brand awareness. Most recently we delivered an increase in sales of 67% through an email, Facebook and blog campaign over the same timeframe as the previous year.

Working the “Number of People Saw Post” on Facebook

In our work on Facebook, it became apparent that the right combination of words, links and images drastically improved views. The following images were targeted for the Smoke Out Rally with the number of views listed below. The surprizing information is the interest in b&w historic & cool photographs.

3 2 1
5,675 people saw this post 2,420 people saw this post 18,296 people saw this post

Facebook has algorithms in place that decide what content should be highlighted in a user’s news feed. To make the algorithm work for you, incorporate these 3 tips.

Facebook Number of People Saw Post Tip #1 – Avoid posting links as links. Instead, upload a large-sized photo and put the original link in the description of the picture.

Facebook Number of People Saw Post Tip #2 – It’s a good idea to put the link at the beginning of a photo’s description as Facebook will only display the first 3 lines of the description in the news feed.

Facebook Number of People Saw Post Tip #3 – Keep track of what images people respond to. Test, test, test.

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