Monstercraftsman Adds Jillian Rossi to their Smoke Out 14 Line Up

jillian Heads to Smoke Out 14
Pinstriping @ Smoke Out 14

Jillian Rossi is providing pin striping seminars at the Monstercraftsman booth during the Smoke Out 14 Rally on Friday and Saturday, June 21 and 22, 2013.

If you want to know how a professional pinstriper creates the look that we are all interested in, then make sure you attend the Smoke Out Rally.

Jillian will showcase the basic strokes and demonstrate them in complete detail. She will show you the techniques to produce steady straight lines along with rotating the brush in curves and much more.

“We are excited to bring Jillian to the Rock and introduce her to the Smoke Out Rally,” explained Greg “Edge” Scheuer, the Smoke Out Rally Grand Poobah. “Our Chopper Jockeys really are going to enjoy seeing how to stripe up a tank.”

The Smoke Out is a celebration of everything Chopper. Entertainment at the rally includes mini bike racers, a painted lady contest, bands, the Horse Backstreet Chopper Magazine’s Chop Off and plenty more.

“I have a natural ability to communicate and educate,” said Jillian. “I’ll be sharing my tips and techniques that will keep people riveted whether they are interested in pinstriping for themselves or not.”

Jillian comes by her ability honestly. Her father, Rich Rossi, is a painter and a metal fabricator, and both have the gift for working with their hands. Jillian strives for quality and line consistency. She challenges herself to deliver a precise design.

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