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YouTube is the #1 Video site on the web and it serves millions of videos. Google bought YouTube in October, 2006 for 1.65 billion in stock. And even though they spent a lot of Google dollars on it, the service is still free for you to make money with. How do you ask? By getting your target audience excited about your products and services and sending them to your website.

Our strategy is to utilize social networking sites like YouTube to increase the flow of targeted prospects our client’s website. We create engaging video that tells a story and provides a strong call to action.

At Biker Pros we shoot online vidcasts to assist in our publicity work. It’s another quiver in our bag of arrows to assist our Powersports clients in increasing their brand awareness, improving their online traffic numbers and providing greater top line revenue.

Creating Your Video
The Concept of your video is the device used to tell your story. The basic voice-over-picture information video is the most common and the concept that we use in many of our client’s vidcasts.

The Structure of the video explains where to connect the communication dots. The most elemental structure is the same one we use to write a story, give a presentation or conduct a sales call:

    1. Beginning
    2. Middle
    3. End

The most common structure for informational videos is:

    1. Introduction
    2. Features
    3. Testimonials
    4. Call to Action
    5. Conclusion

Like A 6-Speed Motorcycle
Structure provides transition points throughout the video. It can be likened to a motorcycle shifting through a 6-speed tranny. Each shift takes the audience from one logical step to another and allows the viewer to safely arrive at the payout or conclusion of the video.

Without a structure, videos can meander from one idea to another and never ever get to the point of selling the product or service.

Content is King
Content is what you see on the screen and what was written before it was shot. And the best you can hope for is that your audience will remember 3 key points. The farther away the video strays from your message, the less likely that the key points will be retained. So keep this in mind, if you are unsure, purge it. In addition, KISS it… Keep It Simple Stupid. In videos, less is more.

You Have 30 Seconds
The opening of the video is the most important. In the first 30-45 seconds needs to grab the audience by the throat so that they will stay tuned to your 6 to 10 minute vidcast.

When writing the voice over leave the complex sentences that are full of commas and clauses for your Great American novel. Short declarative sentences and phrases pump up the narration and increase the energy in the video.

If the opening is most important then the conclusion is the second most important part of the video. We use, “tell them what you told them and then tell them where to get it.” to complete the video. A strong call to action is imperative in order to get consistent click-through traffic.

It Starts with YouTube
The reason why we use YouTube is because [1] hosting the video on YouTube is free, [2] our prospects are on YouTube and [3] the video plays on the YouTube service and can play on any webpage.

YouTube is the world’s number 1 video sharing website, it gets 10 hours of video uploaded every single minute and serves over 100 million video views every single day. So getting your video noticed amongst the masses can be a difficult task, which is why optimizing your video is so important.
On YouTube there are 4 critical areas to optimizing your video.

First area is your title. Our video is entitled More Motorcycle Performance with Kuryakyn Hypercharger. Make sure your title includes search terms. So if someone searched on Google for these search terms:

    1. Motorcycle Performance Kuryakyn Hypercharger
    2. Performance Kuryakyn Hypercharger
    3. Kuryakyn Hypercharger

They would find the video on the first page of the search results. It’s also key to note that if you searched on YouTube with these terms you would also find the video on the top of the search page.

The second critical area is to add your website address on the first line of the description page. And it needs to be the full url like This is because the address becomes clickable and enthusiast can easily click over to the company’s website.

When you describe your video you want to give the audience a reason to view your video and to go to your website. In the tests that we have done, all of our videos have driven traffic to our client’s site no matter the content, video length or production value. Videos drive traffic with better videos driving more traffic.

The final item is to make sure all your videos are of the same type so that enthusiasts will susbscribe to your content. Don’t include your kid’s 3rd birthday with how to rebuild a carburetor. Think of your company’s YouTube account as a very targeted broadcasting company. And your content will be enjoyed by your viewers.

Once the video has been uploaded on YouTube you can then load it on other Free video sites like Flickr. This increases your reach to your target audience.

YouTube provides you with statistics. For example, we have uploaded: 98 client videos and all of the videos have been viewed 330,479 times. By clicking the insight button on your control panel you can determine the following:

    • Views by day
    • Views by country
    • How the video is found
    • Demograhics

Google Kicks Asphalt

In February 2008, Google Sites once again ranked as the top U.S. video property with nearly 3.6 billion videos viewed (35.4 percent share of all videos), gaining 1.1 share points versus the previous month. accounted for 96 percent of all videos viewed at Google Sites. Fox Interactive Media ranked second with 586 million videos (5.8 percent), followed by Yahoo! Sites with 293 million (2.9 percent) and Microsoft Sites with 293 million (2.9 percent).

Top U.S. Online Video Properties by Videos Viewed
February 2008
Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations
Source: comScore Video Metrix

Property Videos
Share (%) of
Total Internet 10,089,048 100.0
Google Sites 3,567,202 35.4
Fox Interactive Media 586,236 5.8
Yahoo! Sites 293,120 2.9
Microsoft Sites 293,085 2.9
Viacom Digital 218,011 2.2
Time Warner 132,734 1.3
Disney Online 130,609 1.3
AOL LLC 114,853 1.1
ABC.COM 98,294 1.0
Comcast Corporation 92,828 0.9

The dominoes are falling for traditional TV and its advertising life support. Advertising dollars tell this story: back in 1996, 20.6% of total ad spending in the U.S. went to broadcast TV; by 2007, that number had slipped to 16.2%.

Those that have been lost by TV are likely to be found on YouTube, where 74 million people watched 39 videos each on average in November, 2007, according to comScore.

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