Smoke Out 10 Photos From D&D

Smoke Out Bettys
Smoke Out Bettys

Smoke Out Rally

Biker Pros shot the Smoke Out 10 EAST Rally for D&D Performance Enterprises. (

This was the 10th Anniversary Smoke Out and one of the best attended and the most entertaining chopper event ever.

Everything came together at “The Rock”. The event included bands, a chop off, XS Speed’s mini-bike races (super-hero costume required), roller derby, vendors, drag racing, beer, babes and gears.

See pics at D&D’s Smoke Out Gallery Page.

The Smoke Out is about choppers. It is about builders, from professional builders to those bloody-knuckled guys (and ladies) burning the midnight oil in an unheated shed to build a chopper they can call their own. Chops of all makes are featured, American, British, Japanese, everything. The event is about riders, cross-town to cross-country in a rainstorm.

Sano  Motorbike
Sano Motorbike
A Norton 2 Pack
A Norton 2 Pack

See more pics at D&D’s Smoke Out Gallery Page.

All the bands rocked you back on your keister. They were that good. They included The Kings of Hell, Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival, Jasmine Cain and Blackberry Smoke. Blackberry Smoke is an awesome Southern Rock style band that does covers and originals. It is Southern Rock the way it is supposed to sound.

There are two distinct groups of people at the Smoke Out. The first group is the readers, builders and riders known as THE HORSE world network of operatives. The core of the chopper world. This is the place to be for the Chopper World State of the Union Address.

The second group of invited guest is those that want to observe the core of the chopper world.

Checkout D&D’s Smoke Out Gallery Page.

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