Spectro Named the Official Oil


May 21, 2009, Oklahoma City, OK – Darwin Motorcycles, manufacturer of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers, today announced a partnership with Spectro Performance Oils. The race-inspired Bobber and Chopper manufacturer has named Spectro their brand of choice for all of their motorcycle lubricant needs.

Every Brass Balls Bobbers’ motorcycle will roll off the assembly floor with synthetic Spectro HD 20w50 Engine Lubricant in one of three bullet-proof engines including the Crazy Horse V-Plus, Harley-Davidson EVO or the S&S mill.

Spectro HD Platinum 75w140 transmission oil will ride in the Baker Drivetrain transmission, which is standard in all Brass Balls motorbikes.

Brass Balls Bobbers’ Ride America Campaign is a sourcing program for innovative American made products. The firm looks for partners where they can provide a true distinction from other motorcycle manufacturers.

“We are excited about integrating their products into our motorcycles,” commented Dar Holdsworth, Brass Balls Bobbers’ BossMan. Their high quality polymers combined with significant quantities of zinc/phosphorus is what gives our customers longer lasting oil and a longer lived motor. In addition, Spectro’s viscosity index gives the rider a smoother, quieter motor with better protection at start up… and that is what we all need with our air-cooled v-twin engines.”

As a trusted brand in the motorcycle industry for over 42 years, Spectro Oils consistently delivers a top quality product. Their extensive line of products is custom-tailored to help motorcyclists keep their bikes in top performance condition. No matter what type of motorcycle or how many miles it has logged, Spectro Oils unique blends help ensure a quieter, smoother ride.

“Brass Balls Bobbers are champions of American manufacturing and when you see their design, quality and price point, you just have to say, WOW," said Spectro Oils Vice President of Sales, Rollin Karoll. "It’s great that we have a quality custom-production bike made in the U.S. that enthusiasts can buy without going broke.”

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