Born Free 5 Update by Bob Kay

The show is mainly about old motorcycles of all kind, but everything is welcome.

Bob Kay goes Born Free On Saturday, June 28, 2013 Born Free 5 kicked off with over 200 sponsors and vendors from Japan, Europe, and all over the USA. There was an ATM on site for guys to buy must needed parts but no cell service to keep in touch with their pals. The Born-Free… Read more »

Bob Kay Heads To Smoke Out Party

Bob Kay is heading to Brass Balls Bobbers for the Smoke Out party. He will be heading East on Monday on the Long Road & Smoke Out East. Kay will be sending updates from the road. Follow along with the party, long road and SMoke Out East.

Bob Kay Podcasts @ V-Twin Business

Bob Kay is a partner at Bikers Garage. This is service-oriented business that provides motorcycle accessories and service. He discusses tactics in getting customers into the store, selling them and customer retention.