The Billet Bobber Called Rocketeer F3

Rocketeer Billet rear fender

Brass Balls Bobbers built a Billet Bobber Called Rocketeer F3 for the World Championship

Interview with Dar Holdsworth at the AMD World Championship

Rocketeer F3 Wins the AMD World Championship

Tech savvy builders create with billet aluminum because it is lite, durable and it can be machined into almost anything and no one likes the look of aluminum better than Dar Holdsworth of Brass Balls Bobbers. His latest award winning sled, the Rocketeer F3, features a gleaming gas tank and rear fender manufactured with solid aircraft-grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum.

Rocketeer Build Up

Holdsworth invested over 300 hours in designing and hand crafting the tank and rear fender. The tank was created in two pieces. Welding the clamshells became an arduous task. So difficult that the first tank was scrapped and the design was revised in order to ensure a water-tight enclosure. Billet is not used in gas tanks because of cost and complexity. The cost for a set of tanks and fenders will set you back the price of a Harley-Davidson Dyna. Additional fabrication includes an aluminum oil tank with billet cooling fins.

Rocketeer Billet Tank
Rocketeer Billet Tank

Building a custom theme bikes is not only a tradition; it’s also part of the Kustom Kulture. The Foremost sponsored bike has the tricks that make it standout like the rear fender that floats over the rear tire. The fender incorporates a hidden ledge that mates to the curved rear struts. The rigid utilizes a seat with an adjustable air bag instead of springs. The seat is a covered with a leather created by Hix Design.

Rocketeer Billet Tank
Rocketeer F3 Billet Bobber

The Rocketeer utilizes a Baker 2.4″ synchronous primary drive. Beringer hand controls, brakes and Kustom Tech risers and grips were selected for their quality and tech-look. The wheels are lightweight aluminum hubs & rims wrapped in Avon tires

Brass Balls spooled up a set of custom-made mid controls. Todd’s Cycle martini tail lights and PIAA head light provides illumination. A Garage Leathers’ solo bag graces the frame rail. A mid glide MeanStreet Slammer graces the frontend.

Racing Innovations fabricated the Darwin Rocketeer rigid. Mounted in the frame is a S&S Shovelhead 103″ inch engine fitted with a chain drive.

Rocketeer Billet rear fender
Rocketeer Billet Rear Fender

The 2012 edition of the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building is the latest award the Rocketeer F3 has won.

Rocketeer Won the 2012 Championship
Rocketeer Won the 2012 Championship

The Championship has been running since 2004 with more than 1,000 custom bikes showcased. The Rocketeer entered the Production Manufacturer class, which is based on a production motorcycle with multiple units of the model projected or produced annually.
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Rocketeer F3 Wins the AMD World Championship
Rocketeer F3 Wins the AMD World Championship


A commemorative motorcycle built by famed builder Dar Holdsworth of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers, and honoring the U.S. NAVY, will be one of four custom bikes to be unveiled at C*A*M*M*O’s tribute to Rolling Thunder’s 25th anniversary on May 26, 2012, in Washington, D.C. Brass Balls’ bike joins three others built by internationally recognized bike builders to honor each branch of the military, including:

U.S. Marine Corps – built by Brigitte Bourget of Bourget’s Bike Works, who was the first one to sign on to the project,
U.S. Air Force – built by Billy Lane – U.S. Air Force Commemorative Motorcycle
U.S. Coast Guard – built by Mike “Kiwi” Tomas of Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Company, based on a 1945 Indian Chief that he hopes to ride to the event.


That Voodoo That You Do

ultimate builder Chopper Build
Holdsworth finishes the frame before plating

The Ultimate Builder Chopper is Coming Together

This Chopper is being built for the FreeStyle class of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show. Dar Holdsworth, President of Brass Balls, is creating a high-end 69 Chopper-style for the show. Dar has the eye in creating designs that are cutting-edge and familiar at the same time. He has the ability to add his special touch of voodoo that makes his company’s bikes satisfying to look at and desirable to put in your garage.

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Client News: Custom Production Sleds for 2012

D&D Logo
Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers builds custom production sleds for 2012.

BBB’s choppers & bobbers are hand built in their Oklahoma City facility to detailed specifications. These sleds are not the type of bikes that populates the local bike hangouts and poker runs. These bikes are what others wished they had to ride. Even non-bikers know they are truly cool rides, not corporate production line wonder.

The D&D Connection

D&D hand-builds custom pipes for the full range of performance exhaust systems for Brass Balls Bobbers.

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A Few Well Made Parts, A Couple of Bloody Knuckles & Let’s Ride

Bobber Built with BBB Components

If you are thinking that this sled has just the right Bobber stance, then you are correct sir! It was built with the major components coming from the Lil’ Bobber Company from Oklahoma, Brass Balls Bobbers. They literally have everything you need to make your own sled… just add beer and bloody knuckles. Check out all the good stuff at

CLIENT NEWS: Bobber Babe Helping the Little Oklahoma Bobber Co.

69 Chopper
New Brass Balls Bobber Babe

The Little Chopper Shop has a Star that is Rising

Dar Holdsworth, BossMan of Brass Balls Choppers & Bobbers, has added a new Bobber Babe, Emylee. She replaces their first Chopper Chick, Megan.

For the next year Emylee will not just be smiling in front of the camera, she will be showcasing new products for Brass Balls including parts, accessories and motorcycles. She presents an all American girl image that really sets off the motorcycle she is on.

Horsepower Marketing’s Evaluation
Monthly we track the activity of Brass Balls Choppers & Bobbers and it is of no surprise that Chopper Jockeys are finding Emylee to be popular on their website.

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2009 Biketoberfest

Everyone Loves the Military Bobber

Aeromach USA and Brass Balls Bobbers were appearing at the 2009 edition of Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, FLA so on Thursday morning I loaded up the 07 Nightster and dropped the hammer for a 570 mile run to the ocean.

As I was leaving Durham, NC the weather that spewed rain and snow across the Midwest moved in and kept me company from Durham, NC to Savannah, Ga. Needless to say, after many hours on the road with multiple stops for heat replenishing coffee, my leg was cramping, my knee was popping and my head decided it was time for a sinus headache.

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Client News: Brass Balls Bobbers’ Thrill Ride

Brass Balls Bobbers Begins a Thrill Ride
Brass Balls Bobbers Begins a Thrill Ride

Thrill Ride a Minute

Her arms went about me passionately as sharp fingernails clawed at the flesh of my bare back, not hard enough to draw blood but leaving streaks of whiteness behind them when they fell away limply.

Ahh, Cherry Blair, she leaves a brand on the mind… There was a faint moon overhead and the night air of mid-summer had a sensuous feel about it… and I have miles to go before I sleep.

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Client News: Brass Balls Bobbers Rolls Out the Thrill Ride

Take a Thrill Ride @ Brass Balls Bobbers
Brass Balls Bobbers Begins a Thrill Ride Campaign

Taking A Thrill Ride

She poured three inches of straight bourbon over the ice in her glass. She swallowed the three inches and refilled the glass.

“Not so fast,” I said. “You’ll get sick.”

“I want it fast and hard,” she said. She drank the refill fast and poured again. The she kicked off her high-heeled pumps. She put down the bottle and pulled off her cotton dress and half slip. She staggered over to the window and sat on the sill.

She killed another drink and then tossed her long blond hair over her shoulder and shot me a backward glance, flashing the most evil smile since Eve grinned at Adam with the apple in her teeth.

“Come her,” she said. “Come here and kiss me…” Mmmmm… “More,” she hissed. “Much more.”

Click here to start your own thrill ride.

Note: We are going to go in a new direction with our online editorial at Bikernet and Cycle Source Magazine. We are using pulp fiction prose linked to 1 or 2 noir-style photographs. Our copy incorporates dialog that you would find in Hollywood crime dramas, which revolve around “Sex. Violence. Money.” The copy will be stylized along the great hardboiled detective writers including Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and John D. MacDonald.
– Jeffrey Najar, Partner

CLIENT NEWS: V-Twin Top 10 Award

Top 10 Brass Balls Model 1
Top 10 Brass Balls Model 1

Darwin Motorcycles, the builder of the Brass Balls Choppers & Bobbers motorcycles, is pleased to announce that its Custom Model 1 Digger Bobber received the 2009 Top Product Bike title in the August 2009 issue of V-Twin Magazine. Brass Balls was in good company as Big Bear Choppers, Harley-Davidson, Victory Motorcycles and Big Dog were all designated as having the “Coolest Rides Around.”

Brass Balls builds custom bikes that look good, run like thoroughbreds and consistently receives awards for design and quality. The Model 1 embodies our current state of affairs with a traditional old-school design wrapped in a flat black tuxedo that is available at just $15,995.

Call 405-270-0995 or log on to Brass Balls