Custom Bikes Roll with Ridewright Wheels

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By Jeff Najar

Over the past three years our team at Biker Pros has produced over 35 custom bike shows. We seen 1000+ custom bikes from Los Angles to Daytona, and we noticed a major critical custom bike element, the wheels. Over and over a dominating competitive factor in a custom show are wheels and one brand consistently turns up at the top of the winners’ list, Ridewright Wheels.

In 1999 Sam Wakim founded Ridewright Wheels. He got started in the business when he was looking for a set of wheels for his bike and stopped in at Roadwing to evaluate their selection. He talked with management and then, bada-bing, bada-boom, he was consulting for the company. A short time later when the parent firm decided to sell, he bought the wheel business.

Ridewright is known for their spoke wheels. They also have a growing reputation for billet wheels. Back in 2007 the firm bought the machines and dies from Boyd Coddington Wheels and now has a growing range of billet wheel designs, and the capabilities to color code any wheel to the motorcycle, just like the spoke wheels. They are available online in the wheel builder program.
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