Take The A Train: The Night Train with Black D&D Pipes

You say your Night Train doesn’t look like this? Well neither does anyone else. Richard Krall took this 2007 Harley Night Train and turned it into the hot rod scoot you see here.

First of all for better handling he replaced the stock front end with one off a Suzuki 750.

He had to machine off some of the hub to make the slotted aluminum Fat Bob front wheel fit the new front forks. He also fabricated the seat and modified the gas tank using the hinged air box off a V-Rod.

The front fender and headlight cowl also came from a V-Rod. Both wheels were powder-coated black and the red stripes were added later. To help make this beast breath better Krall added a Screamin’ Eagle air intake and D&D Performance 2-1 exhaust. I’m betting it runs as good as it looks. Richard Krall looks like he put this Night Train on the right track.

Source and images: Bike EXIF
Poasted by the Pope of Pipe

Provided by Biker Pros… The PR Bros.

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