That Voodoo That You Do

ultimate builder Chopper Build
Holdsworth finishes the frame before plating

The Ultimate Builder Chopper is Coming Together

This Chopper is being built for the FreeStyle class of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show. Dar Holdsworth, President of Brass Balls, is creating a high-end 69 Chopper-style for the show. Dar has the eye in creating designs that are cutting-edge and familiar at the same time. He has the ability to add his special touch of voodoo that makes his company’s bikes satisfying to look at and desirable to put in your garage.

Sam Wills, Master Fabricator for Brass Balls Bobbers, constructed the custom 69 Chopper frame for Darwin Motorcycles. The frame is 36 degrees, 3″ up, 1″ out and 2″ back. At the frame head, the Darwin Motorcycles logo is welded in.

Dar decided upon nickel as the frame finish. The combination of the blue tins with a nickel frame creates a striking combination.

Nickel Frame
69 Chopper Frame - Nickel Plated

Wills makes his Bobber frames the same way he makes his 200MPH dragster frames. It’s all about the welding and the metal.

Nickel Plated Frame & Tins
Nickel Plated Frame & Tins

About Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers
With a strong team at the helm and a slate of innovative, high-performance designs that blend vintage with contemporary, Darwin Motorcycles is primed and quickly becoming one of the leading motorcycle shops in the country attracting new riders and setting trends through their Above Average Bobber program.

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