The 2012 Smoke Out Gets a Lift Up with Quality Lifts

Quality LiftEach year the core of the chopper world looks to the Smoke Out with great anticipation and in 2012 they have a new partner that is helping them get a hand-up on their chopper maintenance through a promotion with Quality Lifts. This year one lucky chopper jockey will win a Quality Lift for their very own garage or dining room, whichever place they tend to build their motorcycles.

The Smoke Out is an annual pilgrimage to Rockingham, NC where over 15,000 chopper and bobber riders congregate to relax, drag race, swap lies and dance to good ole rock n’ roll. Commander Edge, The Smoke Out Head Chopper, puts together this all-star entertainment program that is a must-see event for every chopper fanatic.

The winner of the Quality Lifts’ grand prize has a lot in store for his garage build. The winner’s lift boasts a 1,000 lbs. capacity air operated scissor lift that is designed for superior stability and reliability. The lift is operated by a dual foot pedal for easy and safe operation. The back of the left include a rear drop panel for simple ingress and egress. The lift will hit 35”, which allows easy access to the bottom of the bike.

“We are excited to be working with The Smoke Out and The Horse Backstreet Chopper Magazine as they consistently support American ingenuity as well as the sport of motorcycles,” said Chad Massey, Quality Lifts, National Sales Manager. “And our lift will assist them in delivering stories for years to come.

The Smoke Out team was so excited about the lift that Edge order one for his workshop and the Horse Backstreet Chopper Magazine had one shipped to their facilities in Michigan.

“I have to say this is probably the most heavy-duty lift I have ever used,” said The Englishman.
“I had a small compressor I kept in my basement for blowing out the sprinklers once a year, and I wasn’t sure it would have the pressure to operate this lift, but it works just fine. The lift goes pretty high which is cool for working on the underside of the bike. The covered foot pedals are nice, as opposed to the type where you have to unhook the air supply to let them down. The unique front wheel chock holds the bike pretty steady, making it easy to secure the bike if you are working alone.”

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