The Bonneville That Triumph Needs to Build

Bobber Build

The Motorcycle Classics/Dairyland Cycle Insurance 2010 Triumph Bonneville

Excerpts from Motorcycle Classics Magazine

We brainstormed. We planned. And then we got an offer to use a bone-stock, brand new 2010 Triumph Bonneville for a build. As much as we love restoring old motorcycles bikes, this presented a unique opportunity for a project any of our readers could do. It’s not hard to find a new Bonnie — as long as you’ve got the dough — and most of the changes we made here are simple bolt-ons. The rest, mainly the paint and the building of the custom seat, were projects we handed off to local businesses right here in our town.Overview

With Sweet Sounding D&D Pipe


Bobber build-up

Some ideas need a little breathing room — and in this case more than a little hands-on time — to fully develop.

The motivation behind our Custom Triumph Bonneville Build was the opportunity to craft our take (Motorcycle Classics) on the emerging modern bobber, a category that’s been showing lots of activity. Following our line of thought, we also wanted to use a modern classic motorcycle, and Triumph’s latest Bonneville is a natural foundation for our build. From its time-honored parallel-twin engine configuration to the swooping R logo on the tank, its classic appeal is undeniable.

The new Bonneville is also the most successful of the so-called retro classic motorcycles, which means a healthy aftermarket has already sprung up to supply custom motorcycle parts for enthusiastic owners who want to give their bikes a little extra personality.

Replacing the Exhaust

The way-cool faux titanium exhaust system from D&D Performance Exhaust is almost a foot shorter than the stock system, and — surprise, surprise — is actually easier to install than a stock system since it doesn’t have a cross-over pipe. It bolted up without issue, using the stock rear mounting point while deleting the mid-point hanger as used on the stock system. Slung just a bit lower and tighter, these pipes scream speed. We think they’ll probably just plain scream, too. (It does checkout the video.)

Bonneville Build Suppliers
BellaCorse — Joker Machine products, custom hardware
D&D Performance Exhaust — Faux titanium exhaust
D9 Brackets — Custom instrument bracket
Joker Machine — Custom headlamp ears, counter sprocket cover, ignition switch relocating kit, scads of cool billet pieces
Motorcycle Superstore — Drag bars
Omar’s DTR — Custom tail light/license plate bracket
TC Concepts — Custom paint, graphics and tank fab
Tom’s Upholstery Plus — 785-235-2061: Custom seat fabrication
YSS Racing Suspension — Rear shocks, custom fork springs

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