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The Epic Ride to the Beach

In the latest edition of Daytona Bike Week, Biker Pros had projects with Iron Trader News, Harley-Davidson, Atomic Dice Studio Arts, The Smoke Out and Aerostitch.

Bob Kay and I worked the rally and then wrapped up the effort by writing a series of articles that featured our clients by using product placement technique.

Product placement is a type of advertising where a company’s products are integrated directly into a story line.

In this ride article, published by Bikernet, you will notice how our client’s products and services are integrated into the commentary and are important elements that move it along.

Andy Goldfine, President of Aerostitch, had this to say about the article:

FANTASTIC!!! Great to read…like one is riding along. Much more fun. So personal and intimate.


We had packed the bikes the night before and fifteen minutes later we were saddled up and riding into a 55 degree, grey fog. We hit rain 10 minutes in. This isn’t ideal weather but I spent the winter with an Aerostitch waxed cotton jacket. I have to say this jacket looks dashing on me by-the-way, but the real beauty is the jacket shrugs off crappy weather.

To read the entire article, make the jump.

Product Placement

In the Journal of Management and Marketing Research, they reported that the U.S. is the largest and fastest growing paid product placement market, $1.5 Billion in 2005, $2.9 Billion in 2007, and $3.7 Billion in 2008 (Brandweek, 2007; Quart, 2008; and BNET BusinessWire, 2008).

Product placement has become an increasingly popular way of reaching potential customers. For additional information on utilizing this tactic, connect with Biker Pros.

-Jeff Najar

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