The Heartland Hustle is days away from Completion

Bare Knuckle Choppers
Bare Knuckle Choppers

Heatland Hustle Update:

The J&P Cycles’ giveaway FXR with the X-Wedge mill and Ridewright WHeels is in the final assembly countdown. The schedule is to make the bike available for delivery by the 17th so it can be sent to J&P Cycles for a photography session and then buttoned up for delivery to the NY show.

  • Scott receives tins – October 31st
  • Paint: November 1 – 9
  • Ship tins – November 10th
  • Assembly: November 11 – 16th
  • Seat arrival: November 13th
  • Delivery Date: November 17th

The bike is a collaberation between J&P Cycles, Bare Knuckle Choppers and Underground Arts Studio.


The seat will be manufacturered by Howard Knight of Rocking K Custom Leathers. He is an outstanding craftsman. Stay tuned…

Heartland Hustle's seat mock up
Heartland Hustle’s seat mock up


Scott Takes from Underground Art Studios is creating the design for the Heartland Hustle. The design first started off with a color combination from the Dragster “The Mongoose”.

Heartland Hustle's Paint Options
Heartland Hustle’s Paint Options

The color combination moved from a deep gray to a pearl white frame and tins with a war bird on the tank and a filagree treatment on the fender and tank.

Heartland Hustle's Paint Options
Heartland Hustle’s Paint Options

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