The Snake: A FLHX Street Glide

A Biker Pros Article

By Jeff Najar, Biker Pros
Photography: Jack McIntyre

Note: Keith “Bandit” Ball contracted Biker Pros to write an article for on the Snake. We interviewed Kyle Heller of Hot Rod Harley-Davidson, the primary builder, and scouted a photography location during the Harley-Davidson 110th celebration.

In a sea of custom bikes, Snake, the 2011 Harley-Davidson FLHX Street Glide from Hot Rod Harley-Davidson, rivets your attention like a 50/50 ice cream bar on a 90-degree summer day.

The Tangelo Orange House of Kolor paint shimmers in the sun and is contrasted with the tribal graphics, which are integrated with painted carbon fiber panels.

When you first look at the bike it looks like a highly detailed standard bagger, the fit and finish is carefully refined. But after a few minutes you begin to notice it isn’t standard at all. It’s integrated so well it almost looks like what should roll off the factory assembly-line.

The bike build required 6 months and was a collaboration between Kyle Heller, GM of Hot Rod Harley-Davidson, and the owner Mark Jacobs. Paul Erpenbeck took charge of the intricate airbrushing while Fran Couch handled the sheet metal refinement and painting duties.

Hot Rod H-D is located right off Lake Michigan. The riding season is a short, allowing guys like Jacobs and Heller to sit and evaluate magazines, catalogs, specifications, and websites to perfect any design. Some of the hottest bikes come from the coldest climates in the states.

The heart of the custom is the 120R engine. The pros from Hot Rod pulled the mill out and had it trued, balanced, and Revolution Performance welded the crank pin to insure an unmoving true lower end. New pucks were replaced with 10.5-1 high compression nickel-plated forged pistons in 4.060 bore cylinders.

A Screamin’ Eagle 266E cam along with Screamin’ Eagle valves, springs, pushrods, lifters, and hi-flow air cleaner were installed in the engine. A hi-po high-flow D&D Boarzilla 2:1 pipe was mated to the engine to produce increased torque and 135 horsepower. The bike was tuned specifically to pull hard off idle and in the passing zone.

The front-end sports a 23-inch forged and contrast cut Hole Shot Eclipse wheel from RC Components. A set of custom 7-degree rake trees was installed to accommodate the big front wheel.

Paul Yaffe’s 6-gallon stretched tank, SS side covers, Thicky 23-inch fenders and stretched outer fairing were selected to deliver that custom look. A Summit rear fender was attached to tear drop LED lights and bolted to Bad Dad stretched saddlebags.

The contrast cut metal components throughout the bike combined with the black, white and Tangelo Orange really makes this Street Glide a showstopper.

Hot Rod Harley-Davidson sponsors Muskegon Motorcycle Club, which began in 1920s. Guys and gals have been touring on bikes with the club for over 90 years. That’s one of the reasons why the dealership sells over 70 percent of their inventory in touring models. And they customize over fifty Baggers a year.

You can imagine that a custom bike from Hot Rod needs to run, as their customers tend to travel all across North America during a short riding season. And even with the 23-inch wheel, the snake sits and handles like it came from the factory.

Additional goodies in the build include Arlen Ness derby cover, timing cover, saddlebag latch covers and front turn signals. Harley-Davidson supplied the boom audio amp, boom audio speakers and saddlebag lid speakers.

Hot Rod Harley-Davidson is into Custom Baggers. If you are too, then give them a call at 231-733-000 or make the jump to Extreme Hot Rod Harley Tech Chart

Regular Stuff

Owner: Mark Jacobs

Bike Name: Snake

City/State: Muskegon, MI

Builder: Hot Rod Harley-Davidson

City/state: Muskegon, MI

Company Info : Hot Rod Harley-Davidson
Address: 149 Shoreline Drive

Web site:


Manufacturing: Harley-Davidson

Machining: Hot Rod Harley-Davidson


  • Year: 2011
  • Make: Harley-Davidson
  • Model: FLHX
  • Displacement: SE120R
  • Builder or Rebuilder: Hot Rod Harley-Davidson
  • Cases: Harley-Davidson
  • Case finish: Black
  • Bore: 4.060 Cylinders
  • Pistons: 10.5-1 high compression nickel plated forged
  • Lower end: Trued, Balanced & Welded by Revolution Performance
  • Stroke: 4 5/8” Screamin’ Eagle Pro Stocker
  • Rods: Screamin’ Eagle
  • Heads: CNC – ported MVA w/ automatic compression releases
  • Head finish: Diamond heads show cut
  • Valves and springs: Screamin’ Eagle
  • Pushrods: Screamin’ Eagle perfect fit +.030
  • Cams: Screamin’ Eagle 266E
  • Lifters: Screamin’ Eagle
  • Air cleaner: Screamin’ Eagle heavy breather
  • Exhaust: D&D Boss Boarzilla 2:1 full system


  • Year: 2011
  • Make: Harley-Davidson
  • Gear configuration: stock
  • Primary: Stock
  • Clutch: AIM VP92T lock-up plate
  • Final drive: Belt


  • Year: 2011
  • Builder: Harley-Davidson
  • Style or Model: FLHX
  • Stretch: N/A
  • Rake: 7 deg. 41mm trees

Freestyle Winner

Front End

  • Make: Harley-Davidson
  • Model: Stock 41MM
  • Year: 2011
  • Length:
  • Mods: Arlen Ness hot legs w/ Harley-Davidson D-cut fork covers

Sheet metal

  • Tanks: Paul Yaffe’s 6 gallon stretched
  • Fenders: Paul Yaffe’s Thicky 23”
  • Panels: Paul Yaffe’s SS side covers
  • Oil tank: Harley-Davidson
  • Other: Paul Yaffe’s EXRFVS outer fairing stretched, raked w/visor Summit rear fender w/ tear drop LED lights
  • Stretched saddle bags by Bad Dad


  • Base coat: Tangerine Orange
  • Graphics: By Fran Couch
  • Type: House of Kolor
  • Graphics or art: Custom tribal
  • Special effects: Carbon Fiber look


  • Front: Hole Shot Eclipse
  • Make: RC Components
  • Size: 23”
  • Brake calipers: Harley-Davidson
  • Brake rotor(s): RC Components
  • Tire: Avon 23”
  • Rear: Stock
  • Make: Harley-Davidson
  • Size: 16”
  • Brake calipers: Stock
  • Brake rotor: Stock
  • Pulley: Stock
  • Tire: Avon
  • Controls
  • Foot controls: N/A
  • Finish: Black
  • Master cylinder: Stock
  • Brake lines: Stock
  • Handlebar controls: Stock
  • Finish: Black
  • Clutch Cable: Stock
  • Brake Lines: Stock
  • Shifting: Arlen Ness shift linkage
  • Kickstand: Stock


  • Ignition: Stock
  • Ignition switch: Stock
  • Coils: Stock
  • Regulator: Stock
  • Charging: Stock
  • Starter: Stock
  • Wiring: Stock
  • Harness: Stock
  • Headlight: 7” Harley-Davidson Daymaker LED
  • Taillight: LED Tear drop
  • Accessory lights: N/A
  • Electrical accessories: N/A
  • Switches: Stock
  • Battery: Stock

What’s Left

  • Seat: Villain by LePera
  • Mirror(s): Performance Machine
  • Gas caps: Paul Yaffe’s
  • Handlebars: Stock powder coated black
  • Grips: Avon
  • Pegs: Stock
  • Oil filter: Harley-Davidson
  • Oil cooler: Stock
  • Oil lines: Stock
  • Fuel filter: stock
  • Fuel lines: Stock
  • Throttle: TBW
  • Throttle cables: N/A
  • Arlen Ness – Derby cover, Timing cover, Saddle bag latch covers, Front turn signals
  • Harley-Davidson Boom audio amp, Boom audio speakers & saddle bag lid speakers
  • Chin spoiler by CamTech

Click on the image to contact Hot Rod Harley.
Click on the image to contact Hot Rod Harley.


  • Mark Jacobs
  • Hot Rod Harley-Davidson Service Department
  • Scott Frederick
  • Fran Couch
  • Bad Dad
  • Paul Yaffe’s
  • Arlen Ness
  • RC Components
  • Cam Tech
  • LePera


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