The Super Bowl of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show Heading to INDY

2013 Ultimate Builder Championship

The Ultimate Builder Super Bowl – Feb 15-17, 2013

The Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show is a show within the the Progressive® International Motorcycle Shows®. And in February, The International Motorcycle Show will be running next door to Dealer Expo combining to create the largest motorcycle extravaganza in the Untied States.

The US Championship will see the award money doubling from $7,000 to $14,000 in prize money. Total prize money and awards eclipse $100,000 for the 13 event series.

Each Class Winner Recives a Big Check
Each Class Winner Recives a Big Check

The Super Bowl’s Custom Bike Classes

The US Championship will include the following 5 bike categories. The custom bike show is designed to celebrate all makes, models and drivetrain. The US Championship of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show is known to showcase the most diverse group of custom sleds under 1 roof.

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The FreeStyle Class Winner in Atlanta & Dallas & Heading to INDY

Ultimate Builder Class: Freestyle

One-off, ground-up built custom bikes, on all or any chassis platforms or drivetrains. Must run and stop.

Ultimate Builder Class: Modified Harley-Davidson

Stock Evo or later frame and stock Evo or later (1984) (including Screamin’ Eagle / JIMS) engine cases. The stock frame/Harley platform geometry must be main and arising smoothings/moldings (such as exhaust bracket relocation for example). Swingarm/rear-end changes, of any kind, including replacement swingarms, are permitted; fat or skinny rear end conversions are permitted; as is frame or rear-end lowering or raising – provided the basic stock frame geometry is unchanged. Case internals can be replaced, along with cylinders, heads and internals. Turbo chargers, super chargers, NOS kits etc are permitted. Frames and cases can be from two different Harley-Davidsons.

Ultimate Builder Class: Performance Custom

Race inspired styling with performance enhancing engine modifications. Any motorcycle frame configuration and drivetrain combination. Judging will be focused around drag racing ie; strtched out ‘Busa, Bonneville racers and highly modified sportbikes.

Ultimate Builder Class: Modified Street

Must have Major OEM ie; Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Polaris, Triumph etc manufactured frame and engine cases. Harley is not allowed in this class. Frame must maintain stock configuration so neck may not be cut to rake or stretch. Designed for mild customs without frame configuration modifications and stretched swing arms. Cruisers are allowed to use hardtail sections.

Ultimate Builder Class: Retro Modified

Any modified bike, with any drive train on any chassis configuration manufactured prior to 1984. Must be based on a pre-1984 engine, and styled to have the appearance of a motorcycle manufactured prior to 1984. Use of some contemporary parts/design elements is permitted.

Promotional Photography for the Ultimate Builder
Builders enjoying the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show

Rocking K Custom Leather is providing a custom leather chain wallet for the hardest working builder at the show. The award is called the Show DOG. Bell Helmet is awarding a custom lid for the recipient of the People’s Choice Aard.

Show Dog & People’s Choice Awards
Show DOG & People’s Choice Award Prizes

The Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show is produced by At each round of the competition Biker Pros photographs each bike and makes them available in their Flickr gallery at

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