Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show Creates Marketing Opportunity

Video at the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show
Video at the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show
Increasing Sales & Brand Awareness
Builders who own their own shops consistently have praised the promoters of the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Shows for the exposure their businesses have received.

In addition to the usual media posting of the results, Biker Pros, the show promoters, conduct video interviews of the builders. These interviews take the time to show the details of each build.

The winners get an additional, in-depth video interview, and all content gets streamed to social media outlets including You Tube, Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

“I was so impressed with the opportunity for my shop’s exposure, I actually entered 4 bikes into the Dallas Show,” stated Charlie Russell of Demented Cycles.

In addition to social media promotions, there are traditional press releases and great networking opportunities.

Dan Stern, from the House of Thunder, stated: “I entered one of my customer’s bikes and he won. It was great! Now when the show is over we are going to have a press party at the shop and invite all our other customers to celebrate. What an opportunity to create more custom work, and we had a fantastic time.”

There are a total of 11 shows around the country, plus the American Championship in Daytona. Go to motorcycleshows.com, and check out the custom bike show tab for the details. Sign up for the show in your area, and don’t miss this wonderful chance to market your shop.

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