Why Use a Model in your Social Media?

Biker Pros Asks, Why Use WOmen
Biker Pros Asks, Why Use Models in your Social Media Posts?

Why are women used in Powersports? Influencing others isn’t luck or magic – its science. There are proven ways to help make you more successful as a marketer.

Sex sells because it attracts attention. People are hard wired to notice sexually relevant information so ads with sexual content get noticed.

Sex is an easy way to get the attention of males and make a product seem desirable. Women are objectified, and men are swayed to purchase the product and as a reward, get the women.

In one study, men who saw a new-car ad that included a seductive young woman model rated the car as faster, more appealing, more expensive-looking, and better designed than did men who viewed the same ad without the model.

One caveat, If the model is to sexy, it overrides the product and the viewer fails to register it.

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